Swamp Baby Book Trailer

Swamp Baby Book Trailer.


Stress and Christmas= synonymous?

Ugh. Actually all my stress isn’t Christmas related. Everything just boils all together this time of year, I guess.

 Right now, I have three books due in a matter of weeks. All of them are under my other pen name, but still….they’re due, and I’ve got  zip-zap-zilch completed on any of them. Well, I take that back. I do have about 60% done on one. I had work done on the other two, but when my machine crashed, they crashed with it.

I found an older short story I’m going to revamp for the one that’s due DECEMBER 31! If my editor can help me figure out how to make it fit the theme, that is. I hope she can.

A nasty sinus infection has me out of commission. Yesterday I was absolutely miserable, flat on my back all day LONG. My parents took my oldest daughter so I just had the little one. By herself, she’s decently-behaved. WIth her sister, it’s like I have seven kids instead of just two kids.

I have a whole week off from work. A week and two days, actually. It’s nice to have the time off, but not real nice because we’re not getting paid except for two days.

Monster-spawn, my youngest kid, has perfected her spit-take. My walls are now splattered with Vanilla Coke. Needless to say, she’s been put down for a nap and is in MAJOR trouble.

My hot water heater works! It’s been dead for like five days. I’ve been taking cold showers and sending my kids to my parents for their baths. BUt now it works and now I can take a hot shower! Yay!

Well, I’m sleepy. Residual sleepiness from the Nyquil and Tylenol Sinus mess, I guess. Or just laziness. LOL So I’m going to sleep while the kids do.

Hmm…do I want a coke or do I want to go to bed?

They are both highly tempting options. I’m thirsty, but I’m sleepy.

I also used facial hair remover to get rid of like four transparent chin hairs that insist on growing and shining in the sunlight. I could’ve used tweezers, but that’s no fun. It burns, BTW. My chin now feels stiff and tingly. A not-good tingly.

That leads me to ask…is there a good tingly when it involves your chin?

I joined the American Christian Fiction Writers today. I wonder if it’ll be worth the reg. fee. I don’t know anybody that belongs to it.

 I really should be writing. Really. I have to get a book written to submit to agents. That’s how it works, ya know. I’ve got one started, but seven pages isn’t enough to even query on LOL.

computer crash= life crash?


Last weekend, my computer crashed. I lost everything on it, and had to reload Windows. It wasn’t fun, especially considering I had hundreds of dollars worth of stock photos and vector packs, etc, as well as nearly seven nearly-finished books on the computer.

So I’ve had to start over again. It’s very intimidating. And frustrating. Especially when I go to open an image for a project or something and the stuff isn’t there. Or when I’m trying to find a photo and–gasp–it’s not there. LUCKILY the last year of my life is still on my digital camera’s memory card.

This is running over into my ‘real time’ life. I went to grab the ketchup out of the fridge and and it wasn’t there, I felt the same freezing second of panic I feel when I open my graphic files and the one I’m looking for isn’t there anymore. I’ve been doing that for the last few days, looking for things that just aren’t there anymore. It’s a really wierd feeling. Without all my oft-used graphics and dozens of Word docs, I feel like I’m missing a limb! Granted it’s a non-vital limb, but one that I at least count on being there! Like maybe having a sixth toe or something and when you finally have it removed, it’s like you sort of needed it for balance because you’re falling down a lot or something.

So I’m either really really exhausted, or in need of some serious therapy. LOL

I passed my first semester classes at the Art Institute’s Online courses! I was a little worried about one. It was an easy class, but having to get used to replying to everybody else’s assignments and posts (its an online classroom) is difficult. I guess I hit that curve they warn you about before classes start. On a fun note, the actual art classes start in January! I’ll finally get to draw. It’s been years, literally, since I picked up a pencil to draw, even though I have about twelve art pads, three or four different kinds of charcoal and graphite, pens, markers, and other nifty art supplies, even some really detailed manniquins! I’m looking forward to the classes.

The first semester went by really quickly…hopefully the next THREE AND A HALF years until I get my degree will too!


Anybody else watch this show? It’s really good. I didn’t think it would be when it first started coming on, but I got hooked pretty quickly. Basically it’s about this guy, a journalist, who time travels. He doesn’t really want to, it just sort of happens. He meets up with an old girlfriend who every one thinks is dead. She time-travels too. They launch off on altruistic missions to save people that have some reflection on the future. Of course, Dan, the guy, makes some bad choices and kills the butterfly, so to speak, and when he gets back to his time, things are different.

Tonight’s episode is pretty neat. Dan dropped a cell phone during one of his jaunts and now his son is a daughter. They’ve given it a real sci-fi twist.


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